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Save Energy While Reducing Heat Loss

Utilize removable insulation covers/systems/jackets in your business to lower energy costs by maintaining a specific temperature range so your equipment can operate effectively, increase profit margins, and lower labor expenses. Our removable insulation jackets are designed to protect from extreme temperature conditions and maximize energy savingsfor low to high steam pressure and low to high temperature applications.


  • accommodate temperatures up to 2,300F
  • minimize labor costs
  • materials are capable to withstand most industrial extreme's
  • asbestos free and environmentally safe
  • reduce heat loss by 95%
  • removable & reusable
  • protect employees from burns
  • increase profit margins
  • lower labor expenses
  • protect the life of expensive equipment

Example: A valve left uncovered can have an energy loss that can cost your company thousands of dollars. A valve covered with removable/reusable insulation cover will save your company 95% of potential heat loss and lost dollars. Energy costs increse yearly. The solution is to protect investments, increase energy savings, and increase profit margins by using removable insulation covers. 

OSHA Regulations On Hot Pipes

OSHA does not actually have a specific regulation in its general industry standards (regulations which pertain

to all workplaces subject to OSHA regulations) that specifically regulates when hot pipes need to be covered.

However, OSHA has stated (see this letter of interpretation) that “OSHA does consider exposed heated

surfaces, if there is a potential for injury, to be a hazard and will issue citations if employees can come into

contact with such surfaces.”  

In that interpretation, OSHA also referenced two standards, applicable to special industries:

textiles and pulp, paper, and paperboard mills.

1910.262(c)(9) governs the textile industry and states Steam pipes. All pipes carrying

steam or hot water for process or servicing machinery, when exposed to contact and located within

seven feet of the floor or working platform shall be covered with a heat-insulating

material, or otherwise properly guarded.”

1910.261(k)(11) governs pulp, paper, and paperboard mills and states, “Steam and hot-water pipes.

All exposed steam and hot-water pipes within 7 feet of the floor or working platform or within 15 inches

measured horizontally from stairways, ramps, or fixed ladders shall be covered with an insulating material,

or guarded in such manner as to prevent contact.”

A third regulation specifically requiring insulation for hot pipes is

1910.265(f)(5), which applies to the sawmill industry, and states, Steam mains. All high-pressure steam

mains located in or adjacent to an operating pit shall be covered with heat-insulating material.”


Savings Comparison for Insulated & Uninsulated Pipes and Valves

Total Heat Losses BTU/HR Uninsulated

Operating Temperatures

Valve Size Approx Area (sq. ft.)



















2 3.6 1580 3500 5940 8970 12700 17200 22700 29300 37200
4 6.8 2980 6610 11200 16900 24000 32500 42900 55400 70300


% Heat loss for insulated valves compared to uninsulated valves

Operating Temperatures

Insulation Thickness 200F 300F 400F 500F 600F 700F 800F 900F 1000F
2" 3.5 3.1 2.9 2.7 2.6 2.4 2.3 2.3 2.2

The amount of energy wasted on uninsulated valves can be astronomical.

For example;
A 4" Gate valve running at 400 degrees looses around 11,000 BTU/HR
8,760 hrs in a year
At $9.30/mmBTU equals a cost of $896 per year- per valve!

Now lets try this again, except this time we have 1" insulation in a cover. 
THe 11,000 BTU is degraded by a factor of .055 so 605 BTU
8760 hours in a year
at $9.30/mm BTU equals a cost of only $49 per year- per valve.

YOU SAVE $846 per valve- per year

As always these valves need consistant attention. With our many different types of securement systems we can always find the one that fits the best for your needs to make removal and replacement quick and easy. 



Keep Cold In

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Why Removable Insulation Covers?

  • Save 95% on Energy Costs
  • Prevent Condensation
  • Protect of Elements
  • Sound Reduction
  • Easy to Remove and Re-apply
  • Prolong Life of Equipment
  • Freeze Protection
  • Protect Employes From Inguries
  • Increase Profit Margins
  • Reduce Equipment Down Time

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